Gravity Grader and Destoner - Model TQSF and TQSFB

Product Features and Structure:

  • Modular design for a variety of series and models
  • Separating stone and other heavy impurity with similar size to grain
  • Dual separating decks for high capacity and superior cleaning outcome
  • Adjustable screen deck slopes with integration of air speed for processing requirement
  • Screen deck designed with a range of shaking strikes and angles for process flexibility
  • Unique design for preventing grain back flow (Patent: ZL201020577278.2) and grain leaking from stone discharge port
  • Distinctive air blow back mechanism (Patent: ZL201120180371.4) with user friendly air flow control board
  • Dual motor vibrators driving system
  • Durable rubber or spiral spring support for stable operation and energy efficiency
  • Laser cutting applies to sheet metal components for quality and accuracy
  • Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding workmanship
  • CNC machining centres ensure precise fabrication
  • Powder coated parts and components for best quality and duration

Technical Parameter